O'Hagin attic ventilation solutions for tile roof applications are designed as a two-piece system consisting of a primary vent (subflashing) and a profile-specific secondary vent (cover) which blends into the surrounding field tile.

O'Hagin's tapered, low-profile vent is designed as a one-piece system with built-in subflashing, designed for use with most shingle, shake and slate roof applications. When installed using our alternate shingle-over installation finish method, this vent blends even more with the surrounding roofing material.

All O'Hagin products are available in mill finish 26 gauge galvanized steel, 16 oz. copper, or 0.032 aluminum -- with select vents available in a number of pre-painted colors.

O’Hagin Attic Ventilation Solutions

O'Hagin utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce its extensive line of attic ventilation products. These patented vents are designed to match specific tile profiles from most roofing material manufacturers around the world and are available in the following design choices:

O’Hagin Standard Attic Vents – The best ventilation solution for tile, composition shingle, slate or shake. These attic vents provide maximum airflow without detracting from the aesthetics of the roof design;

O’Hagin WeatherMaster Attic Vents – The best ventilation solution for tile, composition shingle, slate or shake roofs in areas where rain or snow may be a concern. These patent-pending attic vents feature an interior stainless-steel diffuser that breaks down wind-driven rain and snow before it can enter the attic;

O’Hagin Fire & Ice® Attic Vents – An available option for all O'Hagin attic ventilation products, featuring an interior stainless steel matrix that resists the intrusion of flames and burning embers. These patent-pending attic vents are accepted for use by many local fire officials for installation in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

O’Hagin Universal Direct Deck Attic Vents – This attic vent provides maximum Net Free Ventilation Area (NFVA) and is designed for mop-in, or dry-in applications using tile, composition shingles, slate or shake.